How to get rid of road noises for Tesla?

How to get rid of road noises for Tesla?

Reducing road noise in your Tesla not only elevates your driving experience but also transforms your vehicle into a peaceful sanctuary. Car seal strips are at the forefront of this transformation, acting as a shield against external noise, dust, and unwanted elements. These strips do more than just silence the road; they enhance the vehicle's safety and security by preventing water and environmental debris from penetrating the cabin. In this guide, we explore the pivotal role of car seal strips in creating a quieter Tesla environment and provide insights on how to select and apply the right strips for Tesla models S, 3, X, and Y, ensuring your ride is as serene as it is swift.


The Importance of Car Seal Strips

Car seal strips are more than just simple accessories; they are integral components that ensure a comfortable, quiet, and clean driving environment. By sealing gaps around doors, windows, and the trunk, these strips effectively block road noise, wind, and rain, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy a serene journey. For Tesla owners, who appreciate the quiet powertrain of their vehicles, reducing noise intrusion is essential for maximizing the enjoyment of their ride.

Enhanced Comfort and Protection

Beyond noise reduction, seal strips play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the car’s interior. By preventing dust and dirt from entering, they help keep the cabin clean and fresh. Moreover, these strips offer an added layer of thermal insulation, keeping the interior warm in winter and cool in summer, which can lead to improved energy efficiency for electric vehicles like Tesla by reducing the demand on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Safety and Security

Water leakage during heavy rain can be a concern for any vehicle owner. Properly installed car seal strips provide a tight seal that prevents water from penetrating the cabin, protecting both the interior and the electronic components of the vehicle. For Tesla models, which boast advanced interior technology, safeguarding these elements from water damage is particularly important.

Selecting the Ideal Car Seal Strip

When it comes to enhancing the driving experience of your Tesla, selecting the right car seal strip is pivotal. The market offers a diverse range of seal strips, each designed to address different aspects of vehicle insulation and protection. For optimal results, it's crucial to consider the specific areas of your Tesla that could benefit from additional sealing. This includes identifying vulnerable points where noise, dust, or water might infiltrate, such as door frames, window edges, and the pillars (A, B).

Size and type are fundamental considerations as well. Seal strips come in varying thicknesses and profiles, each suited to different sealing needs. For instance, thicker strips might be ideal for larger gaps or areas needing more robust insulation, while thinner strips could be more appropriate for tighter spaces or for maintaining aesthetic sleekness.

Placement is another critical factor. Effective sealing requires strategic placement of the right type of strip in the right location. For Tesla vehicles, this might mean applying specific seals around the doors to reduce wind noise, along the trunk to prevent water ingress, or around the windows to minimize road noise and dust entry.

The Teslahubs™ ProGuard collection is specifically engineered with the Tesla models S, 3, X, and Y in mind, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses all these considerations. The kit includes a variety of strip sizes and types, each designed for optimal fit and performance in the intended application spot. Whether it's securing the cabin from environmental noise and debris or enhancing the vehicle's thermal efficiency, the Teslahubs™ ProGuard kit equips Tesla owners with everything needed for a superior driving experience.

Installation and Results

Installing car seal strips is a straightforward process that can significantly impact noise reduction and vehicle protection. For Tesla models, the difference in cabin noise before and after installation can be profound. The reduction in decibels translates to a noticeably quieter interior, enhancing the driving experience.


Car seal strips are essential for any Tesla owner looking to improve their vehicle’s comfort, protection, and efficiency. By choosing the right seal strips and ensuring proper installation, drivers can enjoy a quieter, cleaner, and more secure driving experience. Whether tackling the challenges of a noisy highway, preventing water leakage, or simply maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature, the right car seal strips make all the difference.

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