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TeslaHubs™ ProGuard: Advanced Noise Reduction & Weatherproofing Kit

TeslaHubs™ ProGuard: Advanced Noise Reduction & Weatherproofing Kit

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Embrace the quiet, secure, and well-insulated driving experience that you deserve with our Teslahubs™ ProGuard designed specifically for Model S 3 X Y 

Say goodbye to noise with a seal made explicitly for your Model S 3 X Y. This top-grade weather strip effectively diminishes road noise, wind noise, and even the loud noise of raindrops, so you can focus on what truly matters - your drive.

As were tested after The TeslaHubs™ ProGuard installation, we measured an improvement of more than 6 times less noise! (calculations are attached in the last section)

Proven results with SOUND METER by Teshahubs customer Austin Marter


Installation Process: Quick and Easy

There's more to a well-insulated car than silence. Our seal strip also reduces dust and dirt accumulation in your car, keeping your vehicle cleaner and fresher for longer. Plus, it dramatically improves thermal insulation, helping your car stay warm in winter and cooler in summer.


ProGuard: Ultimate Protection!

TeslaHubs™ ProGuard acts as a formidable barrier against water, dirt, and dust infiltration into your Tesla's cabin. By creating a tighter seal, our product ensures that your interior remains clean, dry, and protected, no matter the weather conditions outside. Keep your Tesla pristine and comfortable with ProGuard's advanced sealing technology.


What's included?

6 tailored rubber Teslahubs™ Strips for your Car

  1. Right Pillar strip
  2. Left Pillar strip
  3. Front door (left and right) strips
  4. Rear door (left and right) strips
  5. Trunk strip.
  6. Hood strip
  7. TeslaHubs™ ProGuard installation guide
  8. Free Tesla Secrets E-Book!

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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Is it difficult to install TeslaHubs™ ProGuard?

No, the installation is quite simple and does not require special tools or knowledge. We provide detailed video instructions and a PDF guide to help you step by step.

Does installing TeslaHubs™ ProGuard affect my Tesla's factory warranty?

Installing TeslaHubs™ ProGuard does not affect your Tesla's factory warranty, as the product is designed with Tesla's specifications in mind and does not require invasive modifications to the vehicle's structure.

How long does TeslaHubs™ ProGuard last?

Our kit is made from high-quality materials designed for long-term use. It will maintain its properties and effectiveness for many years.

Is TeslaHubs™ ProGuard compatible with all Tesla models?

TeslaHubs™ ProGuard is designed for all Tesla models also each strip has an additional length as a backup

Does TeslaHubs™ ProGuard affect the exterior appearance of my Tesla?

Absolutely not. Our kit is meticulously engineered to ensure it has no impact on your Tesla's exterior appearance, maintaining its sleek and stylish aesthetic.

Can TeslaHubs™ ProGuard be removed without damaging the vehicle?

Yes, you can remove the kit without risking damage to the vehicle if you decide to return to factory settings.

Is TeslaHubs™ ProGuard an eco-friendly product?

Yes, TeslaHubs™ ProGuard is an eco-friendly product, developed using our unique ETC-technology (Eco Tire Cycle Technology). This innovative process recycles used tires into high-quality materials for our sealant kit, enhancing your vehicle's energy efficiency while committing to environmental sustainability.

How 6x noise reduction calculations were made exactly?

Local Road Driving is 64 decibels and with ProGuard - 56 decibels.
Since decibel is a relative measure of power. It is computed by 10xLog10 (Power Ratio), where Power Ratio = Noise Ratio.

We reduced 8dB, this equivalent to 10^(-8/10) = 0.16 according to the formula. That means ProGuard reduced the noise by a factor of 6.25 = 1/0.16. So without the ProGuard, the noise is more than 6 times louder!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Best quality ever!

This is the second chance I've had for noise reduction kits for my Model Y. The first one I bought on Amazon was actually a cheap AliExpress kit that fell off in a week. These guys are making a quality product! Take a look at how sticky these seals are. 3M tape makes all the difference. The seals' tape is thicker, and I can literally close the door by pulling them. I'm glad to have this one installed. Thanks 🙏😍

Manuel Barreira
Entrega rápida

Recientemente compré el Teslahubs ProGuard para el Tesla Model Y de mi suegro y quedé tan impresionado que también instalé uno en mi Model 3. La diferencia en la reducción de ruido es asombrosa, lo que hace que cada viaje sea una experiencia tranquila y pacífica. La instalación fue sencilla y cada tira encajaba perfectamente en varias partes de los coches. La protección adicional contra fugas de agua es una ventaja, especialmente durante las fuertes lluvias. En resumen, ProGuard ha mejorado significativamente la experiencia de conducción, tanto en autopistas como en trayectos urbanos. Es especialmente agradable escuchar el nuevo sonido de las puertas al cerrarse, que recuerda al de los coches de gama alta. ¡Muy recomendado para propietarios de Tesla!

Kevin Smet

This is an excellent decision! Complete with Frunk Guard, this provides full-fledged protection. I love it.

Bill Shields
Thanks teslahubs

Everything works great, I'm delighted!!!

Thomas Krohn

I wish I had known about this product earlier! It's fantastic. The installation process is extremely simple. Thank you!

Providing a good seal!!!

I ordered this proguard over a year ago and it has been sitting in my garage waiting to be installed but I was just too lazy to do it until recently. Now I am kicking myself for not installing it sooner. It reduced the wind noise in my M3 significantly. It finally sounds more like a luxury car when I am driving on the fwy. I don’t have to turn up the volume on my music all the time when I start to drive faster.

Tuomas Saarelainen
Thanks teslahubs. MY

I installed it yesterday. The seal works very well!

I feel the difference

Great packaging and product overall. I have noticed road noise for about a month after buying my Tesla Model 3 and hopefully found your ProGuard solution. less than hour and you are ready to go. But make sure the surface is crear and dry! I have installed a lot of sealing on previous work and this is crucial to have them long-lasting. Going to order more for my buddy he has Model X))

Stefan Müller
Zufrieden mit dem Service, Model S

Vielen Dank, Leute, für die schnelle Lieferung und die großartige Anleitung. Die Installation dauerte nur 30 Minuten und das Auto fühlt sich jetzt wirklich ruhiger an.

Jake Berry

So, reading review after review after review. And when I was really on the fence about buying these rubber seal kits, I thought, what the heck. So I purchased the kits proguard

Daylight was ending (and it was getting cold) so I was only able to put on the driver's door seal.

I had to go to the store and completely forgot about the installed seal. I was wondering why I get this noise (eg when driving with 1 rear window down. Also called: Helmholtz resonance). Then I remembered the seal and began to pay attention. Wow, what a difference.

With this seal alone, it improved the wind noise significantly! I can clearly hear the difference in wind noise from the passenger side.

Just thought I'd share with everyone. Glad I ran out of time to hear a side by side comparison and see for myself that there is a difference.

Hoping to get the rest of these seals installed today so I can really enjoy the silence!