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Teslahubs™ Lights Protector: Fumigated head-tail lights protective film

Teslahubs™ Lights Protector: Fumigated head-tail lights protective film

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Elevate Your Tesla's Look and Protect Its Lights with Our Premium TPU Blackened Film

Transform and safeguard your Tesla Model 3, Y, S, or X with our top-of-the-line TPU Blackened Headlight, Taillight, and Foglight Protective Film. Specifically designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's aesthetics, this film not only enhances its appearance but also offers unmatched protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear.

Why Choose Our TPU Protective Film?

Tailor-Made for Tesla - Our film is precisely cut to fit the unique contours of Tesla Model 3 and Y, ensuring a perfect fit and complete coverage for your headlights, taillights, and fog lights.

Advanced Protection

Say goodbye to scratches, chips, and wear from road debris. Our film acts as a shield, preserving your lights' clarity and appearance

Self-Healing Technology

Equipped with an automatic scratch repair function, our film maintains its pristine look, effortlessly healing from minor scratches and scuffs.


Enhanced Visibility

Despite its protective layer, our film is designed to maintain high transparency. It ensures that your lights remain bright and effective, providing safety without sacrificing style

Easy Maintenance

With multi-layer protection that includes an oil drainage layer and a waterproof layer, our film keeps your lights clean and clear, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Sporty, Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond protection, our film adds a sporty and sophisticated touch to your Tesla, making it stand out with its beautiful and atmospheric design.

Revolutionize the way you protect and stylize your Tesla. Our TPU Blackened Protective Film not only safeguards your vehicle's lights from damage but also enhances its overall look, ensuring that your Tesla remains in pristine condition while turning heads on the road. Upgrade today and experience the perfect blend of style, protection, and performance.

 How to install it?

  1. Clean the Lights: Wipe down headlights, taillights, and fog lights with a microfiber cloth to ensure they're free of dust, dirt, and grease.
  2. Prepare Soapy Water: Mix soapy water in a spray bottle. This will be used to facilitate the adjustment of the film during application.
  3. Apply the Film: Spray the soapy water on the light and on the adhesive side of the film. Carefully align and apply the film to the surface, starting from one edge and gradually working your way across to avoid bubbles.
  4. Smooth Out Bubbles: Use a squeegee or a credit card wrapped in a microfiber cloth to gently push out any air bubbles and excess water from beneath the film, working from the center outwards.
  5. Trim Excess Film: Once the film is positioned correctly and all bubbles are removed, trim any excess material around the edges with precision.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carolina Carter

Harder to install than I expected due to the curvature of the headlight lens. The film was a good shape I just ended up with bubbles on one edge.

Cassidy Feest

Everything is as described, the molds are perfect as the shape of the lamps, you have to stretch the heat a bit, but finally it is OK.

Elnora Fisher

I have a headlight bend, so I have to do well

Freda Gleichner

A nice product with a good top result

Geraldine McLaughlin

Easy to put down and made top!

Alford Murazik

Mount front lights, shape is fine for Tesla model y lights detail precisely cut.