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TeslaHubs™ RimShield für Model 3/Y

TeslaHubs™ RimShield für Model 3/Y

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Cutting-edge solution to safeguard your rims

Are you tired of cringing when parking or navigating tight spaces, fearing the dreaded curb rash? Say goodbye to those worries with Rim Shield Advanced Protection Kit. We use super strong plastic.

Package Includes for 4 + 1 FREE backup wheels

  • 36 Segments of Teslahubs™ RimShield
  • 5 Segments of Teslahubs™ RimShield
  • Video + Text Manuals
  • Secret Gift!

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How to install

We are the only one where you can buy a kit for just one wheel

Stop worrying about rim damage!

You can save up to 750$ on each wheel using our RimShield! There is nothing more valuable than your time - therefore, by choosing Teslahubs RimShield, you choose hassle-free DIY installation rather than scheduling visits to repair shops or dealerships and spending time for commute.


The best store for accessories and advanced solutions for Tesla owners. With over 5,000 five-star reviews online. TeslaHubs offers carefully designed Tesla accessories, and parts, to enhance your ownership experience!

Easy Install, 10min per Wheel

Installation is simple - no tools or prior experience required. Within minutes, you can equip your wheels with RimShield and enjoy peace of mind wherever you drive. But RimShield isn't just about protection; it's about transformation. Concealing existing damage, our innovative design restores your rims to their original glory, giving them a fresh, factory-like appearance.

Easy Swap

Scuffed your wheel on a curb? No stress! Replace just the damaged sections and have your wheel looking pristine again in no time.

RimShield: Unwavering Protection

Experience unparalleled stability with RimShield's cutting-edge clamp design, engineered to firmly secure your rims in any condition without coming loose, even during thorough washes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Is it difficult to install RimShield?

Installing RimShield is straightforward and does not require professional assistance. We provide a detailed instruction manual with every purchase, and the installation process typically takes just a few minutes per wheel. This simplicity ensures that you can quickly and easily protect your rims without hassle.

Is there a risk that installing this accessory could affect the warranty conditions of my car?

RimShield is designed to be non-invasive and adheres externally to your rims without altering any original components of the vehicle. It has no impact on your car's warranty, allowing you to enhance and protect your vehicle with confidence.

How long does RimShield last, and is there a warranty on the product?

RimShield is built to last and withstand the elements, offering protection for several years depending on driving conditions. Additionally, each purchase comes with a one-year warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship, ensuring your investment is protected.

Is RimShield resistant to chemical effects when I use strong chemical substances to wash the rims?

Yes, RimShield is manufactured from high-grade materials that are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. This resistance allows you to use your regular cleaning agents without worrying about damaging the protective coating.

Can I wash my car with RimShield on the rims using a high-pressure washer without risking damage to the protective panels?

Absolutely! RimShield is designed to withstand the force of high-pressure washers, ensuring that it remains intact and effective even after rigorous cleaning sessions. You can keep your rims looking spotless without compromising on protection.

Does installing RimShield affect air resistance or noise while driving?

RimShield has been meticulously designed to fit your rims perfectly, ensuring that it does not affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle. There is no increase in air resistance or noise, allowing for a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Is the RimShield color different from the factory rim color?

The color of RimShield matches the factory rims perfectly and maintains its hue consistently, unaffected by weather conditions or car washes

Are there any speed limitations on how safely RimShield can be used on the road?

RimShield is engineered to perform under all standard driving conditions and speeds. There are no restrictions on speed, so you can drive with confidence knowing your rims are protected at all times.

Do I need to rebalance the wheels after installing RimShield?

No, installing RimShield does not affect the balance of your wheels. It is lightweight and designed to fit seamlessly on your rims without influencing the wheel dynamics.

If I remove RimShield, can it be reinstalled without losing its protective properties?

Yes, RimShield can be removed and reinstalled as needed without degradation of its protective qualities. This flexibility allows you to remove it for aesthetic reasons or when transitioning between seasonal tires and then reinstall it effortlessly.

Can RimShield be used if the rims already have damage?

Yes, RimShield can be applied to rims with minor scratches and scuffs. It not only covers existing damage to improve the appearance but also prevents any further harm, extending the life and beauty of your rims.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Tony Macari
No complaints at all!

Looks great and is a fantastic upgrade. The item arrived exactly as described. Thanks Teslahubs!

Trevor Judge

Exactly as described. Fits perfect.

Jennifer Yano

We should have put these on our black 20 inch rims before damaging them. Didn’t realize it was so easy to scratch them. We had silver rims before so scratches were not as noticeable as a black rim. Rather than repair the scratches, we covered it up with this. My teenage daughter watched the video to put them on and it took her 30 minutes. They were all easy to put on.

Brandon Bayes

Thanks Teslahubs for making a good product!

Thomas Winkler
Thanks Teslahubs

A simple solution that worked for me. No more curb rash, the rim handles potholes and the ride is much firmer and smoother. This is the best car decision I have made since buying it. Thanks, Teslahubs, always great.

Maegan Corkery

Just put them on and they look fantastic! Fit very easily on my 2023 MYLR. For anybody having trouble putting them on, they’re SUPPOSED to be snug, so they should be a little tricky to put on, but they definitely fit!

Christopher Martin
Great solution!

Just finished installing Rimshield on my MYP and am pleasantly surprised with the results! I experimented with stock black 20-inch wheels, and the Rimshield covers matched my black rims perfectly. I want to note that they are the only ones who sell spare parts separately. This is a great solution!

Ezra White

I had curb rash on two of my wheel. I got them repaired and purchased these wheel cover for protection. The product is as described in the picture and video. It took several attempts and effort to get some of them on; they’re very secured with tight seals. I am a female and was able to get them on myself. Overall they appear to be great wheel protector to prevent curb rash.

Morton Jerde

The packaging was very good and I received my package safely and completely. The cold weather made installation a bit troublesome, but after an hour, I still installed it. There have been no instances of falling at present.

Otha Bahringer

It needs to be made more fitting