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Teslahubs™ Eclipse Shades

Teslahubs™ Eclipse Shades

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Keep Your Car Cool!

Experience the ultimate cooling solution with the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade. Unlike ordinary shades, our innovative design significantly reduces the interior temperature of your car by up to 40°C. Enjoy a refreshing ride every time, even on the hottest days.

Premium Quality and Protection

Crafted from high-quality polyester fiber, the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade features a fine mesh pattern that blocks out harmful UV rays while maintaining visibility. Its durable construction also keeps mosquitoes at bay and ensures your privacy, making it the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Why Eclipse Sunshades?

Unlike other shades Telsahubs Eclipse Shades offers a hassle-free experience. Simply install it once and enjoy continuous sun protection without the need for reinstallation.

Privacy Protection Wherever You Go

Whether you're camping or traveling, our sunshade provides the ultimate privacy with its one-way view design. Enjoy the scenery from inside your car while ensuring that your personal space remains confidential.

Seamless Window Operation

Our advanced sunshade design allows for the free movement of your car windows. The Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade moves seamlessly with your windows, ensuring there are no obstructions. Enjoy the fresh air without compromising on sun protection or convenience.


Protect Against UV Rays: Upgrade Your Summer Driving Experience!

Our advanced window shade for the Tesla Model 3 offers superior protection, blocking harmful UV rays and safeguarding your car's interior. Experience cooler, more comfortable drives while maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle.

Package Included

Teslahubs Eclipse Shade Kit:
- 1x Front Right Door Shade
- 1x Front Left Door Shade
- 1x Rear Left Door Shade
- 1x Rear Right Door Shade

+ Installation Tools

Suits: Model 3, Y, S, X


How does the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade reduce the car's interior temperature?

The Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade utilizes advanced reflective technology to block and reflect sunlight away from your car's interior. This significantly reduces the temperature inside, making your car up to 40 degrees Celsius cooler compared to using no shade at all. The material used in the sunshade efficiently insulates against heat, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable ride even on the hottest days.

 Is the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade easy to install and remove?

Yes, the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade is designed for effortless installation and removal. Unlike other brands that require frequent adjustments, our sunshade fits securely and stays in place. The installation process is straightforward, taking only a few seconds without the need for any additional tools. Simply position the sunshade on your window, and it's ready to use.

Will the sunshade obstruct the operation of my car windows?

No, the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade is engineered to allow free movement of your car windows. The design ensures that the sunshade moves seamlessly with the windows, so you can raise or lower them without any obstructions. This feature provides convenience and maintains the sunshade's effectiveness while allowing fresh air circulation.

What material is the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade made of?

The Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade is made of high-quality polyester fiber. This material is not only durable and long-lasting but also features a fine mesh pattern that blocks harmful UV rays while maintaining visibility. Additionally, it protects against mosquitoes and ensures privacy, making it an ideal choice for your vehicle.

How does the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade compare to other sunshades on the market?

The Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade stands out due to its superior design and functionality. Unlike other sunshades that require frequent installation and adjustments, our sunshade is designed for hassle-free use. It provides better temperature reduction, easier installation, and allows for unobstructed window operation. Additionally, its high-quality polyester fiber construction ensures durability and effective protection from UV rays and insects.

 Does the sunshade affect visibility while driving?

No, the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade is designed with a fine mesh pattern that blocks harmful UV rays without compromising visibility. You can enjoy the benefits of sun protection while maintaining a clear view of the road and surroundings. This ensures safe and comfortable driving conditions.

How do I clean and maintain the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade?

Cleaning and maintaining the Teslahubs Eclipse Sunshade is simple. It can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. For more thorough cleaning, you can gently hand wash it with mild soap and water. Ensure it is completely dry before reinstalling it on your vehicle's windows.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Peter Jovian
Privacy Redefined

Redefined privacy on-the-go! Teslahubs window shade transforms my M3 into a private sanctuary )). Perfect for camping or travel, the sleek black material ensures I can enjoy the view without compromising my privacy.

Nate Derman
Stylish Privacy Shield

Style meets privacy with Teslahubs M3 window shade. The sleek black material not only shields from prying eyes but also enhances the overall aesthetic. An essential accessory for Tesla owners who value both style and privacy.

Michael Leach
The shading effect is great !!!

The side window sunshade effect of this Teslahubs sunroof sunshade is not bad, and the buckle is very stable. There is a small storage bag ready, if you need to remove the sunshade, just put it in the storage bag directly. And the user experience is great. My friends sitting in the back won't say it's dazzling. All in all, this sunshade is quite good, and the shading effect is great.

Arthur Kshlerin

It's a little better to stick it with a two-sided tape;; but it still holds solid (?) well.
I don't mind being a sunshade.

However, there is too much noise when driving.
I'm blunt, but I'm nervous, but I hope that those who are sensitive will be deeply concerned.

Robyn Bode

I bought it after an another warm summer in LA, it fits well.

Terence Emard

Satisfied, thanks!

Mabel Schroeder

It fits Model Y, but I don't know if it's very good, and I think it will be too much for the glass. That's right, but I don't know if it's very good, and I think it's too much for the glass.

Shanny Gleason

It is a great product. The single-sided tape is double-processed in the middle and glued, and the double-sided tape side finish is not good.

Jesus Bednar

I think it’s very useful if you don’t have tinted windows on your Tesla. Since this is pretty generic, I think it should work on all cars, provided it fits the windows.

Floy Mann

It fits well into the Model Y. The curtain roll tension is good, and not only the clinging on the window of the vehicle, but also the parts to be attached separately. If this is a product at this price, it will be strong.